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Top Restaurants in London Whether you get on vacation or in the area for a couple of days, there are some top restaurants in London you need to resolve seeing. Whether you are a food enthusiast or a food lover, you will be able to find something to please your preference buds.Zuaya Situated on High Road Kensington, Zuaya is one of the most interesting new restaurants in London. Its food selection uses a combination of Mediterranean and also South American cuisine.Zuaya is a two-story dining establishment with a trendy, extravagant inside. Its style features colourful blossoms and also rich vegetation. The dining establishment features classy, lounge seating and also an elegant marble bar. Its insides also consist of a sheltered alfresco terrace.Duck and also Waffle Situated on the 40th flooring of Heron Tower in the City, Duck & Waffle is one of the top restaurants in London. It is also one of the greatest restaurants in Britain. It uses an unusual and also creative take on con